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Complete plant revitalizing system.

Most often home plant growers are more concerned about timely watering of plants and providing fertilizers to the soil. Hardly do people give a deep thought to the biological viability of the soil. Well armed plant enthusiasts on the other hand make every effort to provide a well balanced and a naturally healthy environment to the plant for its growth. Soil is much more than a mere support for plant roots to anchor on. Truly good quality soil is a mixture of rich organic microflora that interacts intimately with plants and helps them to grow better.
Consider microbes as tiny invisible friends of plants helping them in several ways. Nutrients in soil (naturally present or artificially added) are usually in a form which cannot be assimilated directly by plants. It is the action of these tiny bacteria friends in Magic-gro
® Plant Care that these compounds are converted in to plant usable form. Soil is naturally endowed with such microbes. However, after repeated use of fertilizers and chemicals these microbes die off necessitating the need to change soil. Magic-gro® Plant Care replenishes these microbes and revitalizes soil. Besides this, Magic-gro® Plant Care has proven ability to ward of pathogens and plant pest thus improving disease resistance of plants. Magic-gro® Plant Care is a complete plant revitalizing system.
® Plant Care is a specially made biotech product for home plants, nurseries and gardens.

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